Sunday, January 2, 2011

Alison: day 2: road to the ONF House.

Took this one on the way out to my parents' house. That house is so important to me. It's the only place I'll always call home -- the only place on the planet that will forever possess my heart, and the only place I'll be able to show my children and my grandchildren with family pride and say "this is where your grandparents and greatgrandparents raised me."
Driving there sometimes is daunting and I dread it, but once I'm cruising, listening to music, I quickly begin to recollect how perfect it was to live so far away.
I'm sure at some point in the next 363 days, you'll see photos of the house.
By the way, I took this photo while driving. I tightened the camera strap to my wrist as tight as possible, put my finger on the shutter, and stretched my arm as low as possible down the side of my door. Pretty stupid really, but definitely made for a cool photo if you ask me.

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