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Archive Information Year 2009.

This is archival information for the first year of our 2009 Photography Project.

Photographer Biographies

The only person to finish the 365 Photography Project:

Christina comes from Vienna, Austria. She is studying Austrian literature and works as a waitress and a book keeper. She joined the blog because she loves to make photos and thinks that´s a cool idea to show everybody a bit of daily life. =) Here posts can be found here.

Lily Rose is a freelance writer, from Gainesville, Florida, who is just starting to wade into the photography pool. She has always been able to express herself through words, but now she wants to show the world, or at least the 365 Photography Project group, her point of view on this crazy ride called life. She hopes to learn more about life and photography and meet some new friends while she embarks on this adventure. She encourages comments and feedback, both positive and negative so she can continue to improve. Her posts can be viewed here.

Terra Kate hails from Ocala, Florida, and is an amateur digital photographer and photo-editor. She currently attends UCF and works at a recording studio. Her favorite things are mountain-biking, sushi, books and anthropology. Her posts can be found here.

Laura She is a quirky Hoosier-at-heart who now calls sunny Homosassa, Florida home. Her interests include diet soda, the comedic duo Fry and Laurie, ballet flats, red nail polish on toes, Betsey Johnson earrings, rice pudding, long days on the beach, Sanrio, anything pink and anything with glitter. Laura spends her days (and nights) slaving away on a smallish newspaper's copy desk and in her spare time, she enjoys cheesy aerobics videos from the 1990s, figuring out ways to make her favorite foods accommodate her Weight Watchers regime and cuddling with her 17-pound Siamese mix, Spock. She looks forward to learning a little about herself and a lot about others from this project. Her posts can be found here.

Pabs(t)mear is a 25 year old professional "fun-haver" from Enfield, New Hampshire. Her Monday thru Friday is spent wearing big girl pants while working with Planned Parenthood, where she gets paid to talk about vaginas. The weekends are focused on Pabst, fat fucker (her redbellied paca) and dabbling in the underground world of arts and crafts. Her posts can be viewed here.

Mat Ryan wrote his bio so well I didn't have the heart to change the perspective. So... without further adieu, here it is: "So I'm Mat Ryan. If the name sounds familiar it's because I share the same name as a football player, a musician, and a Mexican that graduated with me, except they all spelled the first name with 2 t's and I use one. I was born on February 18, 1985. I'm a full time mechanic, I work part time at a restoration shop, and when I have the money and get sick of work I disappear for a month at a time between driving across the U.S. or hopping trains and sleeping with strangers (as in, couchsurfing) in Europe. I see the world a little differently than most, at least from what my experience has been, and I hope that shows in some of my photography. I also accept criticism, both positive or negative. Mat is still participating in the project. All of his posts can be viewed here.

Robby is a 24-year-old newspaper and press agency photo journalist in Italy. He shares everything with his camera -- sometimes even the same bed! He focuses mainly on street photography. You could easily find him shooting something stupid that caught his attention -- like a sticker on the rail line when the train is coming. He's always planning travels and visiting modern art museums all over the world. His posts can be found here.

Liz took her first picture at 3-years-old. Her dad handed her a camera at her request and admitted years later that he was dumbfounded when he developed her first roll of film - she didn't decapitate anyone! At 14 she got my first "brick" - a Nikon bundle - for Christmas. She was the Photo Editor for the Patriot Press at CFCC which she says was "tons of fun!" Photography is her passion. But not her only one - she has been SCUBA certified since the age of 15. When her love for photography merged with her love for being underwater, the result was her first Nikonos underwater camera! However, much to her chagrin, she hasn't really picked up a camera in almost 3 years. She's hopeful that this project will dunk her back in the photo world and reignite her passion! Her posts can be found here.

Sarah-Jo is a 26-year-old college student majoring in Communications and English in Ocala, Florida. She is also an amature photographer and videographer, and part time writer/editor. For a living, she is an English tutor- going on 4 years now- and kitchen aid at her church. For fun, Sarah-Jo enjoys movies, music, writing, reading, photography, hanging with friends, and reading manga and watching anime. She is a bit stand-offish at first but once she opens up, r dreams for the future include traveling for a living, writing stories about the places and people she sees, and taking photos. Her posts can be found here.

Patrick's friends call him Pat, but then his grandmother kills them; metaphorically speaking, of course. He traverses to class five days a week in effort to amass his A.A. in Art. He technically is majoring in Creative Photography and works, of course, for NYIP. However, he prefers to identify himself as a multimedia artist. He spent several years doing pro-bono freelance photography and working as the Photography Editor of his college's newspaper. Regarding his personality, Patrick says, "I am what it is." He doesn't belong to any particular identifying group, so it's difficult to pin down eccentricities. He does, however, harbor deep appreciation for felines, ink, water, teas, and the arts. He is either quite hushed or gallingly loquacious, dependent upon a number of factors. He says he suffers from a Id crisis, so his primary goal is "to find a me that I like and to decipher the me that I am." His posts can be found here.

Oana, who also goes by the nickname Dennda, is from Bucharest, the capital of Romania. She is in her last year at the Journalism Faculty and in the summer she will be taking the license exam. She works in a media agency as a media research specialist. She loves photography. She owns a Canon 400D and a 50 mm lens and loves her equipment. She also loves traveling and would eventually like to see the entire world. Her posts can be found here.

Jason definitely considers himself to be an amateur, but believes he has an eye for interesting photo opportunities. He has been actively interested in photography since middle school and considers it a hobby of creativity. His favorite brand of cameras is Olympus (he sports an Olympus FE-360). He is open to constructive criticism and hopes to receive at least one comment on every photo he posts here! Click this link to see all of Jason's posts.

Joseph works in the photo lab of an Ocala Walgreens. His visual arts background is in church audio/video production. He is fairly new at photography, but owns a Canon S5 IS. He learned of this project through a friend on Facebook, began following the entries, and has now decided to actively participate and develop his skills as a photographer. He has a wife and two sons, ages 2 and 5 months. He says because of that, he takes a lot of photos! His posts can be found here.

Alina is a 26 year old Graphic Designer from New Hampshire who secretly wishes she could take photos for a living... maybe someday. For now it's just for fun and hopefully she will continue to develop her eye for good shots. Her digital camera can be found at the bottom of the Atlantic off the coast of Rhode Island where she dropped it when sailing last summer, but she has begun to break her old Manual Cannon AE1 out of retirement. She would also really like to experiment with a Holga at some point. When she is not at work battling clients in suits with no creative vision, she can be found doing anything from wandering around the mountains of NH to playing a mean air guitar at the local pub. She hopes to meet some interesting people through this site and share some great eye candy and getting any feedback is great too. Her posts can be found here.

Irina (FevLUa) loves photography and would like to be a professional photographer. She usually focuses on people and their spontaneous reactions. She is from Bucharest and in her last year of study at the Economical Studies Academy. She spends her time seeing places and people. She loves "trains, seasides, vama veche, if you've heard .. enjoy to .. write a lot, but not in English." She dreams to own a magazine to allow the world to see her brilliant thoughts. Her posts can be found here.

JJ Townsend once asked a friend to describe him in one word and that word was he created a blog: "JJ The Random." He is a jack of all trades, and an ace at a few; a real life friend and snowboarding buddy of Mat Ryan. New England is a place that is home to him and he takes many, many day trips throughout to both make and revisit memories. Among things that take up his time, here are some at the top: mountain biking, hiking, visiting with family, camping, wishful thinking, and using a fanciful imagination.

Other photographers without biographies:

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