Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Mat Ryan: March 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31

Ok, so this isn't from the dates selected, but Alison posted an anchor and I felt the need to as well.

From the Main St. Museum in White River Junction, Vermont, I present to you the worlds only preserved flying jackalope, one of the most feared creatures to ever migrate into the Green Mountain State.

And Pariah Beat. They played a show at the MSM. Lots of interesting stuff on the walls.

Flowers almost blooming because it's almost spring!

I was playing around with camera settings in my room, and took this, kind of like a snapshot. Turned out to be a really good still life, in my own opinion.

Anarchy in the stars. Set my camera to landscape and tried to take a picture of a house without a tripod, hands shook, realized image was going to be blurry so I pointed it at the moon and got this neat design. I only played around with contrast and brightness!

Monday, March 30, 2009

30th March 2009

Yeah.. you´ll think: Again a photo of her cat!? .. And.. yes.. again a photo from my cat! ; )
Today´s a very special day - today´s the Birthday of my kitty!!! =) .. Hurray!!! So .. now my cat´s 14 years old! Yeah.. kinda old, mmh!? .. But she´s still fit like a kitty! ; )

Happy Birthday, Minka!!! =) ..

Sunday, March 29, 2009

29th March 2009

That photo for today, because I´ve been to Ireland.. and.. yeah.. that photo looks so irish, if you ask me! =) I had an amazing time in Dublin and I hope one day I can go back and discover more of those beautiful Island! =)

28th March 2009

It isn´t easy to become a knight! ; )

This photo I made in the museum "Dublinia". It was a pretty cool museum! =)

27th March 2009

For sure there would be better photos from my trip to Dublin, but this I just choose for you - yes.. for you! ; ) .. We all love photo and cameras and so I just had to make a photo of that and show it to you! =)

26th March 2009

Waterfall in the Guinness Storehouse in Dublin.

25th March 2009


Friday, March 27, 2009

Dennda: 27 of March

A few days ago this flower (I don't know it's english name, we call it here "Narcisa") bloomed. It was the flower on which I hanged the "martisor" from this year. "Martisor" is a Romanian tradition that announces the beggining of spring. So every 1st of March, the girls get the "martisor" from boys (in the Moldovian part of my country is backwards) and they have to wear it at least until the 8th of March. "Martisor" is a symbol of spring at it can be a model of a clover or a sweeper for good luck, a flower for beauty and fresheness, and any other things. But it has to have a red and white binder. And after you take of the "Martisor", you have to hang it on a flower or a tree to get beautiful as it blossomes. And I choose this yellow flower this year ! :) And if you look closer you can see in the right middle a part of the red and white binder. :)

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Mat Ryan: March 25

I was working on a car today and noticed some feathers sticking from out of the splash shield. I went to pull them loose, and got the full carcass of a small bird. My boss saw me taking a picture, he still thinks I'm f'd up...

Dennda: 25 March

In love :)

Alison: non-photo updates.

I really want to take a minute to touch base with everyone.

After the first month or so, we unfortunately lost regular contributions from a handful of members. And that's fine; we don't shun them for not being able to keep up with the project. It is a major commitment. As we get farther into the year, each of us is going to become a much more independent and perhaps even a less dedicated contributor.

Take me for example, I've recently caught up 20 photos in one day. I no sooner did that and I'm behind again another four days. It just is this way. Sometimes we can't get a moment to sit down at the computer, edit our photos (or not, for you fantastic photographers who don't need 'Shop) and post them on the blog. Sometimes we're traveling and spend all our time away from the internet. It's life. And it's bound to interfere from time to time. That doesn't mean we don't love it here. And it doesn't mean we're not photographing every day. I'm going to assume that when contributors aren't contributing, it's because they're busy being out in the world, viewing it, capturing it, and experiencing life.

I say all this because I want to remind all our photographers -- active and non-active -- that this blog is yours. When you can or want to post, you're welcome to it. If you can't, we understand.

And while I'm on the subject . . . this is a community -- a very friendly one.

Just earlier this afternoon I had to delete a comment from a visitor due to rudeness. I was shocked and, quite honestly, a little crushed that someone would be so unreasonably mean to another person.

Sometimes I can't keep up with how quickly people comment on the posts. Other times, the comments are in foreign languages. And I love this -- both of these things mean we've got a widely variant audience! yay! But what it also means is that I need your help. If you notice someone being rude (or, god forbid, spamming), please email me immediately with the post date and author and the name of the commentor that was offensive.

I have always had a strict no tolerance rule about negativity here. But this afternoon was the first time I've had to enforce it.

And now I feel the need to remind everyone reading and contributing that we are a group of photographers ranging from professional to hobbyists. We aren't necessarily getting paid for these images and we aren't striving to become famous by them -- we're capturing our lives, one day at a time, and sharing them with our friends and fellow photographers.

We invite everyone to participate in our cultural & visual project. But if you've nothing more to offer than negativity, please don't bother offering anything at all.

With all that being said, I think I just realized, if I had the time to write this, I ought to have the time to edit my photos and get them posted! Looks like I have work to do.

I thank all of my friends and contributors for their continued passion for photography.
And special thanks to everyone who supports our project.


Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Mat Ryan: March 21, 22, 23, 24

Mechanical things? I can do that!
And a birdie. I like birds...

Mat Ryan: March 16, 17, 18, 19, 20

I can't wait to play around with the fog a little more...

I saw the entire tree covered with ivy. I have so many pictures of this tree, but this is my favorite.

Hampton Beach, NH, looks so abandoned for 9 months of the year...

I have the utmost respect for whomever tagged this.

Dead plants, blue skies...

Dennda: 24 of March

24th March 2009

Getting to the Tube!

Yesterday I went to a comedy-show from two austrian comedians. They played in a "location", where I havn´t been before and so I came also to a new underground-station.
That is what I found! =)

Monday, March 23, 2009

Dennda: 22, 23 March

23rd March 2009

My new favorite restaurant in Vienna. It´s so nice there =) .. As you can see - you sit in front of a tree and you can pick your own basil from the pot in front of you. It´s really nice! =)
Oh.. and the food was deliciouse too!!! =) They make all their products by their own and you can also watch them. =) .. So.. the restaurant´s called "Vapiano". =)

Hope I can go there soon again! =)

Sunday, March 22, 2009

22nd March 2009

Viennese street art!

Found that on the way to an underground-station. Actually they´re quite popular. Normaly you find every version of street art in Vienna, but I don´t like all of them! ; )

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Dennda: 21st March

Dog playing in Piazza Navona

FevLUa 21 March, Birthday present

this is the cake i made for my boyfriend's birthday.. and it was my first try, so ..it deserved a nice picture 2:P

21st March 2009

The sun´s comming out.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Spring has sprung

This entry will be long, I apologize. From exploding computers and hard drives, to spring break and almost constant travel, I have been insanely busy. It has been hard to find some time to myself let alone time to post. I have been up and down the east coast in the past month stopping in North Carolina, Georgia, new York City and Washington DC. Not bad for a kid whose in college full time. I am just getting over midterms and a nasty cold. Here are the musings you have missed…

Day 50 – Drink me silly day – When I was in Salt Lake City for sundance, I stole some really sweet stella glasses from a bar. I now like to drink from them and pretend I am royalty.


Day 51 – Midnight doors day – I came home one afternoon to find a door sitting on my kitchen table. There was no explanation. So I photographed it, and left it there. Mysteriously, it vanished during the night, reinforcing my belief that our house is actually built on a secret underground colony of gnomes.


Day 52 - Invisible lamp day – I walk past this light everyday on my way out the door, I never noticed it til today. It’s odd how certain things fall into the background.


Day 53 – Museum hair day – My roommate leaves her hair in the shower, I don’t know if I am disgusted or fascinated by it. It looks so abstract when I am taking a shower that I sometimes feel like I am actually in a museum and expect to see patrons watching me with avant guard fervor.


Day 54 – Veggie song day – i leave for DC on a veggie bus. 12 packed in tight and no seatbelts to make a 13 hour drive. The only way to fight the claustrophobia is acapella singing at rests stops in New Jersey.


Day 55 – Reflection day – I like the framing of this photo, the bus provided me with interesting way of seeing the world again. It was like getting new glasses, so much inspiration.


Day 56 – Hot rod day – while passing this car in the parking lot in DC, I coxed my friend into posing in front of it because I thought that she could channel an 1980’s model on the cover of a music magazine. She did not disappoint.


Day 57 – Secret eating day – My roommate eating in the dark. Little did I know he planned on hiding that bowl until I found it 2 weeks later. How time sorts things.


Day 58 – Flatmate love day – The roommates trying to look cute. I have avoided using my flash because of the way it makes people look washed out, but I recently took a class about strobing and am excited to put it to the test in the “field”


Day 59 – Big hair day – I am shooting models this semester in an effort to get better at art directing. I am doing a series called big hair, these are some captures from that. The problem is I need a really big fan, but I can only find small ones. If anyone know where I can get a cheap industrial fan, your help will not go unnoticed.



Day 60 – Behind the wheel day – I went back to the bus. Again i like the symmetry and abstractness of it all.


Day 61 – Noir lighthouse day – On my way home I passed this building. The light made it look so mysterious. Particularly around the tower. Like the legion of doom was planning some dastardly plot with an intergalactic death ray. It was then I realized that I do not have enough 1) poetry and 2) mystery in my life. I want to be a part of esoteric adventures in the machinery of night.


Day 62 – Old timey radio day – My friend has this old radio in his house. I stood on a chair to photograph it while he was in the bathroom, he returned to see me photographing his things and it was awkward.


Day 63 – I saw the light day – nothing more than lights, but they sometimes shine the way.


Day 64 – Guy Debord day – Some beautiful detournment, someone has to keep those advertisers honest, and it wont be the government.


Day 65 – Say no to coal day – A protest in DC against the capital coal plant. I chanted and lost my voice. But I did find that they committed to switching to natural gas. Who says a little protest ever accomplished anything.


Days 65 – 75 are missing cause I was in Georgia on spring break and didn’t bring my digital, but I did photograph with my holga, be on the lookout for the missing week!

Day 76 – Lonely twin day – I saw this guy on the street and I was amused. He seemed a little lonely and though we may have that in common I neglected to give him a hand. I wish now that I have at least removed him from the dirty pavement.


Day 77 – swerves and curves day – shooting through other things can be cool, no matter what anyone says to you. I only wish that the lens wasn’t so heavy


Day 78 – Sex is dirty day – Part of a series I did for the gender and sexuality art show, this is entitled “Sex is Dirty” I think you can tell why. I don’t think I fully nailed this one, I might try again with different models. I just have such a hard time directing models, cause some of the things I want from them makes them uncomfortable and you can tell, cause they are stiff in images. Any suggestions from more experienced photographers out there?