Saturday, January 31, 2009

Friday, January 30, 2009

Alina: First post January

The Cheese Stands Alone.
Cows in South Dakota. We stopped to make friends.

A Wyoming Ranch. Passed on the road east.

University of Virginia. When visiting my younger brother who is in Law school there we were walking around campus and came across some artists interesting idea and I really liked it :)

A quiet moment caught on camera of my father at the beach in Maine.
I then edited it to make it more dramatic.

Dennda: 29, 30 January

Pictures from the second semifinal of the Eurovision ! Tomorrow is going to be the final and I can't wait, as my favorite band will sing there in a mini show, in the break. I've greet them today at the airport and ... they were just amazing ! :)
Ok, so tonight I have chosen emotions from the Eurovision:

Alison: Day # 28 and Day # 29

Day 28: Okay, so January 28 was my 24th birthday. This is my cake. The lighting was right & the candles were wompy. Before my family and two good friends were even done singing the song, all but one candle had gone wompy like the orange one is in this picture.

The cake, though, OH MY GOD, delicious! My mom made it. =]

Day 29: This was taken the very next morning. My dad and I were standing in the kitchen talking about Olive and the morning news. We both noticed how bright it seemed outside the kitchen window, but neither of us thought anything of it.

About ten minutes later, when we walked outside, it became apparent to my dad the reason it was so unbelieveably bright outside. There was a (double actually, but the top one was so faint it didn't show up in the photo) rainbow starting on one side of our yard, bowing up over the house, and coming down on the other side of the yard.

This is the roof of our house. The kitchen window faces to the right of this picture. It was apparent, once we were outside, why it seemed so bright out the window -- the rainbow was just overhead!

I'm still floored that this rainbow both started and ended on/over our property. Too freaking cool.

30th January 2009

A week ago my boyfriend was walking to the bus station and he took an other way than the one he normal goes. Suddenly he saw that symbol and the thaught that would be something for me, because I love Nine Inch Nails now for over 10 years!
So he took me there to show me the symbol and to look what it´s all about! The first time I looked at it I really thaught "cool - Nine Inch Nails", but than I looked again and I saw that the second N´s like the first N and you know.. the real NIN-logo has got a turned N.
Well.. so .. that´s not really a Nine Inch Nails symbol. At least for a moment I thaught it´d be one! =)

For all of you, who´re now wondering what it´s all about - it´s all about art! ; ) .. It was an add for So.. all of you, who want to know more - ´ve a look!

And because I´m such a huge Nine Inch Nails fan... I show you a second photo, which I made a few weeks before christmas.
I was christmas-shopping and in a kids-store I saw those miracle-writing-pad and I just had to write it down! =)

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Mat Ryan: Jan 29th

I was messing around with lighting and a candle at my friend Kerry's house. I haven't edited it, it just turned out cool on it's own.

29th January 2009

That tree stands in front of my window. It has to carry a lot of snow at the moment, but it makes him beautiful! =)

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Mat Ryan: Jan 28

It was a snowday here as well! Anyways, sorry for the lack of a post yesterday, my car got hit by a deer and didn't do much damage to anything other than my mood... I'll make up for it tomorrow.
So I took this picture on a bridge, it's crooked, I know, and I want to straighten it but my computer isn't moving fast. Anyways, the Honda shop I work at is to the right, the airport is where all the blue lights are, and I like the ghostly feature of the tractor trailer that's driving by. This would have been a really cool shot if there were more cars, but, as you can tell by the road, it wasn't that great to drive on.

Oz: The Return to the Land of Oz

Day 21 – Take my picture day – While at an after party at sundance this women drunkenly approaches me to take photos of her. I tell her I am a famous photographer from New York. She demands that I give her instructions on how to pose like a famous model. I am drunk too, and fumble with the controls and the framing. I tell her she is naturally beautiful, I believe this to be true. She is dissatisfied, with my photos of her, she is ugly she states. I have failed again…


Day 22 – Summer in winter day – The warehouse lets out early, so I skip across the street and photograph the windmills made of tin. They look so cool against the stark blue sky.


Day 23 – Close to the end day – Things at the fest are winding down and I am tired. I am waiting to go home to my Vermont home. Posters are everywhere screaming about the last showings before it all ends


Day 24 – The last day – The Egyptian looks so cool at night. I trip and fall on my face after meeting a film maker. They can’t all be gems. It starts to snow around 12am. I get drunk and make out with a boy who cannot dance. Mistakes are around every corner. I choose the less complicated of two evils and am subsequently disappointed.


Day 25 – Lucky Travel day – I used to love to fly, now I hate it. It seems like every trip I take lasts an eternity. Due to sleep deprivation and possibly a hangover I leave my camera at the gate in Utah, and don’t even realize until a flight attendant makes an announcement. The camera is returned to me, and out of sheer panic I photograph the gate to prove to myself how fucking lucky I am that my device didn’t get stolen.


Day 26 – Welcome home day – If feels good to be home, and we have a potluck for Jenna’s birthday with delicious cake. Joey looks like a goof, and makes a big mess, but I love him anyway.


Day 27 – fortune day – The irony of finding this fortune upon my arrival from a 6 week expedition of self discovery is not lost on me. Perhaps I am destined to be a wandering soul…


Day 28 – thermometer day – Everything is frozen and looks like jewelry.


Day 29 – snow day – The snow keeps coming. It looks beautiful. It looks like it will never stop. I secretly hope it dosent…


PLEASE READ (& reply) Non Photo Update

First of all, thank you to everyone who's worked more diligently on putting labels on their entries. It's making things much, much easier. As I've said one hundred times (and I'm sure you're all tired of hearing it), having your name as a label is most important, as that is the only way the quick search feature will retrieve your entries.

Secondly, WOW. That's all I can say. We currently have 15 actively contributing members on the site. And I feel so privileged to be getting to know each and every one of you. Some of you, I look at your photos and feel as though I'm getting a glimpse into your lives. It's moving. And it's opening my eyes to what else may be in this world. More than even I thought possible, I'm enjoying getting to see the world through the lenses of my fellow photogs. I'm so proud of everyone who's keeping up with the project. We're almost a month in now!

I have a couple quandaries that I'd really love your feed back on.

1. It's been brought to my attention the issue with there not being a notification email sent when someone comments on your photos. Initially I didn't think there was a way around this, as Blogger only gives the option to have up to ten email addresses notified (and you'd be notified of ALL comments, not just ones left on your photos). My question is, would it be beneficial to any of you if I sent out notification emails? It wouldn't take much work on my part. I already get the notices, all that would be required would be me forwarding them on to the appropriate photographer. If you'd like this feature, I'll gladly do it, as we should all be in open communication with one another. Just make sure I have your best contact email on file.

2. How would any/all of you feel about theming weeks? I know some photogs have a difficult time finding something to photograph, while others have photography in their lives every day. The themes could be things like 'edibles,' or 'nostalgia,' or 'travel,' or 'emotion,' or 'weather. . . ' you get my point. And they would be optional -- purely as a source of possible inspiration for those of us who get brain farts from time to time. Would any of you find this useful? We could start the theme weeks February 1st.

Those are my only quandaries. Please let me know what you think so that I can expedite the updates as quickly as possible!

And the last thing I want to say is that if this is something you're proud of, please, please pass the word along. Show your families, friends, co-workers, whoever. Share it. I like the idea of people tuning in to see what we have all accomplished for the day. We welcome everyone.

Once again, I'm very proud of everyone and love all the work I've seen so far. Please keep it up and keep encouraging one another. It's warming to see each of you leaving comments and showing enthusiasm and friendship to the photographers -- who are probably people you don't even know.


Alison: Day 27. My boys.

These are my boys. Jon-Michael (the human, haha) is my boyfriend. We had just gone out to dinner for my birthday. And returned to my future home to pick up Olive (the cat).

Olive and Jon-Michael have had quite a relationship. At first, they conflicted. Olive didn't like there being a human man in my life. HAHA. He'd attack J.M.'s feet and just all around irritate the shit out of him.

But before long, Jon-Michael had won Olive's heart (much like he did mine). Now I think Olive might like him better than me!

This shot was taking on my future love seat after arriving at the house after dinner. Olive was there because he'd been at the vet all day having a wound tended to. When I do move, Olive's becoming an inside cat so that his momma (yours truly) doesn't have to worry about him wrangling up cat fights in the neighborhood.

So yeah, my boys.

Dennda: 27 & 28 January

Yesterday evening I was at the Eurovision National Contest semi final, as a photo reporter. This are the best shots. Sorry I put more but I can't decide which I like best. :) This are all singers.

28th January 2009

Snow´s back in town...

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Joseph Day 3,4,5 and 6

Sorry this is late our comp has been down. Day 3

The printer went down at the store today and i had to go inside to get a customers prints out. Saw this warning ...... DUH !

Day 4

I love this shot over county maint.

Day 5

The boys fell a sleep at grandma's

Day 7
This guy is standing in a whole where i would normally be driving.

Lily Rose Day 26: The Colors of Fall & Day 27: The Skateboarder

Day 27: The Skateboarder
I was watching the skateboarders and the guy doing bicycle tricks at the park for awhile, but could not get any decent shots of any of them until this one! I was so pleased with this shot that I had to post it here. I know it's a little bit dark because of the shadows, but you can still see that he is off his board and in the air. Very cool!

Day 26: Colors of Fall
I found this leaf on the ground and kept it because of it is made up of all the key colors of Fall. I set it on the sidewalk so that there was a contrast and you could see all the vivid colors and then snapped this photo.

Jason: Day 12

I was hanging out on my day off today at Susan's house. I was sitting at her computer and noticed that the string was hanging down from the edge of the bed. I was instantly inspired to take a photo of this. It would appear to be that the cat on the bed (Tom) is teasing the cat on the floor (Bella) with the string.

Jason: Day 9, Day 10, Day 11

Day 9: "OCD, Exhibit A"
Actually, this is not just a case of OCD (CDO, when alphebetized as it should be), this is actually how we're supposed to organize the pallets at work. My OCD kicks in when I set a limit of 25 bins per stack to keep it neat. I adjusted the color level so that it looked more like the actual colors as seen on any given day. Even though I might have lowered the exposure a bit, it still seems a bit too bright.

Day 10
I had a hard time picking a good sunset photo out of the 39 sunset photos I took on this day. This one struck me the most because of the hard orange color which quickly fades out around the edges. Also, the bush/tree being in the shot adds a certain mood to the shot, don't you think?

Day 11
First of all, I want to say that I cheated on this photo. I did not take any photos on this day, but I thought this shot from the day before was a good shot.
I was sitting at the "front circle" of the hospital and thought I would look around for some interesting shots. I zoomed in real close at the intersection in front of the hospital. This is one of many that I was able to take.

27th January 2009

Along the tracks..

Yesterday I had to go to Vienna by train and that´s the scenery I saw when I waited for the train to arrive. Looks nice, if you ask me! =)