Monday, May 11, 2009

Mat Ryan: May 3 through 10

The first thing, these pictures are in no particular order. I was lazy about putting some up, and it's my fault, but allow me to explain the past week to you.
Last Sunday I bought a 1986 Chevrolet Suburban in Warren, NH. It's a big truck that doesn't have a front or back; it has port and starboard. I picked it up on Monday and had some friends drive me out and follow me back, the transmission slips, so I wasn't able to drive above 30 mph and what should have been a 1 hour drive took a little over 2. I was stressed out, and didn't have to work Tuesday so I stayed in the house and took random pictures of random things. Work happened this week, and my girlfriends birthday was on Saturday and we really needed to get out of town so we went to Rhode Island to drink mamosa's and sit near the ocean and chill.
It was a good week.
Enjoy the pictures!

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