Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Mat Ryan: June 17

I know that I missed the past 38 days, I've been a little lost. But Christina, thanks for keeping up on this site! You've done some great pics!
And without further ado, I bring you 10 randoms that I've taken over the past 38 days.

Bandit met a lady, and she ran away.

Walking through the woods, I clearly found Uranus.

Stumbled upon these while walking the train tracks

Once again, at the peak of Mt. Cardigan.

Back of a hot rod.

Big Caddy engine in the same hot rod.

Cupcakes and razorblades :-D.

Bleeding hearts in my yard.

Niagra falls! The dots on the picture are from the mist of the falls...

Taken while driving across a bridge. Not really of anything, but it's pretty!


  1. thanks! =) .. I´m trying to make some good photos every day.. but.. on some days it don´t work out that well like I´d like it.. but.. I´m trying! =)

  2. Wow! Some truly great photos, Mat! Love them all. Niagara is completely breath-taking, by the way.

    And seriously, I'm so grateful for Christina keeping this blog alive for all this time!