Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Mat Ryan: Still lost in the days, but I know today is July 7

This is stuff that looks good without an edit. I have a lot of other pics that won't make it up here but will end up on my facebook.
Check it. Wordy o yo.


  1. YAY! That barn is awesome. I love that kind of stuff. Thanks for posting them. I love looking at your stuff on FB too. You're a talented photographer. Glad you took a minute to post these. Your photos of mechanical stuff really intrigue me. I can stare forever.

  2. I love the last photo.. it remains me on NIN-art .. I love NIN ; ) ..

  3. thanks! i'll have to post more of the mechanical stuff, either on facebook or deviant art... and the last one, i was thinking the same thing! i took that while in the passenger seat of a car at night, set it to manual length exposure with a mid range aperture, then with manual focus i zoomed in, and out, and changed the focal point at the same time.. i did this with a couple of pics, but i thought that was the most ghostly!