Friday, September 11, 2009

Alison: no excuses.

These are older images, taken for the 365, but never posted. How pathetic. Here we go:

1. This is Jonas. I was asked to house/pet sit for some friends and simply couldn't resist the opportunity to hang out with this pup and his friends. =) I snapped this shot the first day I was in charge.
2. This is Hercules. He's awesome. This was the second day I was playing nanny.
3. This is Termite, she's awesome and also part of the household I was looking over while my friends were away.
4. This picture is from a trip to South Florida -- where my family was living before I was born. From what I understand, this is the beach they frequented.

5. This is another shot of the beach in South Florida. It's Palm Beach I believe.

(I see now why it pays to not porcrastinate... I'm already tired of uploading photos...)

6. This is the Altantic Ocean -- a central Florida beach - Ormond Beach, actually. And that teeny, tiny guy out there on a surf board near the sun is my pal Gary. I watched him surf for nearly an hour taking photographs. This is one of my favorites.
7. This my friend Taylor, who coincidentally started the first 365 Project (found on Flickr).

More to come, I assure you!

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