Sunday, November 28, 2010


One quick thing.

Maybe it's not so much a dude thing, but there is commenting allowed on each others' photos. Last year what it came down to was I'd send email notifications if you received comments on your photos.

Personally, I encourage commentary on my stuff. I think maybe we'd all like other opinions on what we photos we take.

Speak up, guys. Tell me what you think about the comments, moderating them, and whether you prefer to receive notification or not regarding comments on your photos.


  1. I'm all for the comments. I think they can really be beneficial both to give and to receive. That being said, I have yet to leave one. I also haven't really posted anything I'm all that attached to so far. I figure they'll come out a bit more as we all get into the swing of things. At least I hope.
    PS I'll write my bio thing for you tomorrow, er, later today.

  2. i like comments, i only read this post after commenting on your dead flowers.
    I say encourage it, and i'm open to criticism, positive or negative