Friday, November 26, 2010

Food for thought.

First off! I'm damn stoked! I was so excited to log in and see all your photos tonight.

Jared meet Mat and Harry.
Mat meet Jared and Harry.
And Harry meet Jared and Mat.

I think there's going to be a lady named Audrey joining us. I'll have to touch base with her and see. I'll introduce her when she does join. In the mean time, over the next couple days I'll be updating the information on the sidebar (and removing some outdated information). One of the jobs I have is retail, so the hours are really crappy right now, otherwise I would have done it already. I'm actually forcing myself to plan photos already! Things'll settle down though. I know that much for sure.

Soooo... with that last paragraph being said, we all do have the option of having a little biography or blurb about ourselves in the sidebar. There are lots of them from contributors last year still there. If you'd like to have something about yourself in the side bar, please write it up and send it to me in an email and it will be done! Also, if there are any changes or additions to the site you'd like to see, let's discuss. I'm open to making this exactly what we want it to be this year.

Cannot wait to see more, guys!

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