Thursday, November 25, 2010

Harry: Day 1

I had such high hopes for myself for the start of this project. Like pretty much everything else I've ever done, they were a bit on the lofty side and I'm already running egregiously behind. I know this is already officially Friday, but since I haven't yet gone to sleep it's still going to be my Day 1 post. Day 2 will be up after I've been to sleep, and I'm going to try and keep a bit more on track after that.

Anyhoo, since it's now after 3AM and I'd like to be getting to sleep soon I'll keep this on the shorter side. I want to use this project as a way to rekindle my love of photography. I'll fully admit I've gotten a bit sloppy and lazy with it since I went digital about three years ago. My goal is to get back to a place where I'm photographing more interesting subject matter and really thinking about what I'm shooting, not just shooting everything in my field of vision because I can. I'm sure we've all been there, taking eleventy billion photos of something uninteresting in the hopes one of them will accidentally become interesting.

I'm thinking as of the moment I want to go back to using more film and less digital. If you've met me, you know I'll change my mind nine hundred times over, but at least it's my intention as of now. If nothing else, the limited shot count should be helpful in making said shots count. That being said I'm planning on posting all sorts of photos this year. I'm not going to exclusively stick to making compelling fine art nonsense photos. Most of them will probably be some sort of glimpse into my bizarre day to day life, surely some of them will be conceptual, and others a study in technique. Whatever they are, I'm sure this will be a highly beneficial activity.

I took two rolls of film earlier today (er, yesterday at this point), but by the time I got home with them I had no desire to actually process the film. Hopefully I'll get around to that once I wake up later and they can make for my Day 2 photo. So, starting off my entries with a complete lie is the photo above. I didn't take it today, but I did scan it today. (poorly, but that's irrespective at this point). It's something I shot last summer, off the first test film I put through a new camera. It's on Fuji Velvia 50 and reminded me of warm weather, something we're rather lacking up here at the moment.

So, after all that long rambling entry, best of luck everyone. This should be an awesome year.

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