Monday, April 27, 2009

27th April 2009

The bat at my office!

Today I came to work and.. yeah.. saw that:

That was not the first bat, which I had in my office and I knew that I´ll carry her out, when it got dark. Because otherwise she (I say it´s a she ; ) couldn´t see and wouldn´t find her way back to the church tower.
But suddenly she fell down from the wall and lied on the floor. So I tried to get her out by putting her on a small hand-shovel and move her out (like I did with the last one ; ) .. but that didn´t wanted to get on my shovel, she started to fly through the room. So we opened the door and the window and hoped she would find her own way out.
Well.. yeah.. she flew out of the window, but than she came back through the door!!! =( So we closed the door and tried to bring her out of the window. After she flew some rounds arround our heads (brrr... scary!!! ; ), she luckily found her own way out of the window and back to the church tower! =)
I´m so happy she ´s now back at her home! =)

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