Monday, April 27, 2009

Mat Ryan: April 24, 25, 26

Close up of a forget-me-not that I saw on a hike.

Sunset through a tree on Eagle Ridge. Image has an overlay, thus softening the clouds. I like this one.

The Russians may or may not have been busted by INS, but there are now a lot of dirty mattress' outside of their house. Feel free to take one, I mean, they're free...


  1. love the sunrise.. =) .. I´m affected by those sceneries! ; ) ..

    and.. no.. thanks.. I got a mattress! ; )
    but cool photo! =)

  2. Great captures, Mat. The sunset stopped me dead in my tracks. Crisp, serene, and breath-taking. Then the mattresses kind of cracked me up. How nice to give them away.