Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Alison: non-photo updates.

I really want to take a minute to touch base with everyone.

After the first month or so, we unfortunately lost regular contributions from a handful of members. And that's fine; we don't shun them for not being able to keep up with the project. It is a major commitment. As we get farther into the year, each of us is going to become a much more independent and perhaps even a less dedicated contributor.

Take me for example, I've recently caught up 20 photos in one day. I no sooner did that and I'm behind again another four days. It just is this way. Sometimes we can't get a moment to sit down at the computer, edit our photos (or not, for you fantastic photographers who don't need 'Shop) and post them on the blog. Sometimes we're traveling and spend all our time away from the internet. It's life. And it's bound to interfere from time to time. That doesn't mean we don't love it here. And it doesn't mean we're not photographing every day. I'm going to assume that when contributors aren't contributing, it's because they're busy being out in the world, viewing it, capturing it, and experiencing life.

I say all this because I want to remind all our photographers -- active and non-active -- that this blog is yours. When you can or want to post, you're welcome to it. If you can't, we understand.

And while I'm on the subject . . . this is a community -- a very friendly one.

Just earlier this afternoon I had to delete a comment from a visitor due to rudeness. I was shocked and, quite honestly, a little crushed that someone would be so unreasonably mean to another person.

Sometimes I can't keep up with how quickly people comment on the posts. Other times, the comments are in foreign languages. And I love this -- both of these things mean we've got a widely variant audience! yay! But what it also means is that I need your help. If you notice someone being rude (or, god forbid, spamming), please email me immediately with the post date and author and the name of the commentor that was offensive.

I have always had a strict no tolerance rule about negativity here. But this afternoon was the first time I've had to enforce it.

And now I feel the need to remind everyone reading and contributing that we are a group of photographers ranging from professional to hobbyists. We aren't necessarily getting paid for these images and we aren't striving to become famous by them -- we're capturing our lives, one day at a time, and sharing them with our friends and fellow photographers.

We invite everyone to participate in our cultural & visual project. But if you've nothing more to offer than negativity, please don't bother offering anything at all.

With all that being said, I think I just realized, if I had the time to write this, I ought to have the time to edit my photos and get them posted! Looks like I have work to do.

I thank all of my friends and contributors for their continued passion for photography.
And special thanks to everyone who supports our project.


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