Friday, March 27, 2009

Dennda: 27 of March

A few days ago this flower (I don't know it's english name, we call it here "Narcisa") bloomed. It was the flower on which I hanged the "martisor" from this year. "Martisor" is a Romanian tradition that announces the beggining of spring. So every 1st of March, the girls get the "martisor" from boys (in the Moldovian part of my country is backwards) and they have to wear it at least until the 8th of March. "Martisor" is a symbol of spring at it can be a model of a clover or a sweeper for good luck, a flower for beauty and fresheness, and any other things. But it has to have a red and white binder. And after you take of the "Martisor", you have to hang it on a flower or a tree to get beautiful as it blossomes. And I choose this yellow flower this year ! :) And if you look closer you can see in the right middle a part of the red and white binder. :)

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