Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Alison, Day # 55 and # 56: Birds of a Feather.

The parents have the neatest community of birds getting cozy in their front yard these days. And with a Florida room composed of 75 % window/25 % wall, you can see everything so clearly without disturbing the birdies while they feast. The first picture is of a pair of house wrens. Before we enclosed our Florida room, a pair returned to the rafters year after year to nest.

This is your typical Blue Jay. From what I've been told, they can be quite mean. But he looks so dashing and adorable. And he's actually quite small.

I took these two photos from the comfort of my recliner in the Florida room. The Wrens were feasting last night before dusk and the Blue Jay was out and about this morning before I left for work.

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