Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Alison: Day 27. My boys.

These are my boys. Jon-Michael (the human, haha) is my boyfriend. We had just gone out to dinner for my birthday. And returned to my future home to pick up Olive (the cat).

Olive and Jon-Michael have had quite a relationship. At first, they conflicted. Olive didn't like there being a human man in my life. HAHA. He'd attack J.M.'s feet and just all around irritate the shit out of him.

But before long, Jon-Michael had won Olive's heart (much like he did mine). Now I think Olive might like him better than me!

This shot was taking on my future love seat after arriving at the house after dinner. Olive was there because he'd been at the vet all day having a wound tended to. When I do move, Olive's becoming an inside cat so that his momma (yours truly) doesn't have to worry about him wrangling up cat fights in the neighborhood.

So yeah, my boys.

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