Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Lily Rose Day 26: The Colors of Fall & Day 27: The Skateboarder

Day 27: The Skateboarder
I was watching the skateboarders and the guy doing bicycle tricks at the park for awhile, but could not get any decent shots of any of them until this one! I was so pleased with this shot that I had to post it here. I know it's a little bit dark because of the shadows, but you can still see that he is off his board and in the air. Very cool!

Day 26: Colors of Fall
I found this leaf on the ground and kept it because of it is made up of all the key colors of Fall. I set it on the sidewalk so that there was a contrast and you could see all the vivid colors and then snapped this photo.

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  1. Hey, sorry I didn't say this sooner, but that shot of the skate boarder -- I clicked it to view it larger and it's awesome! The small version doesn't do it enough justice!

    GREAT WORK catching the action shot, Lily!