Friday, January 30, 2009

30th January 2009

A week ago my boyfriend was walking to the bus station and he took an other way than the one he normal goes. Suddenly he saw that symbol and the thaught that would be something for me, because I love Nine Inch Nails now for over 10 years!
So he took me there to show me the symbol and to look what it´s all about! The first time I looked at it I really thaught "cool - Nine Inch Nails", but than I looked again and I saw that the second N´s like the first N and you know.. the real NIN-logo has got a turned N.
Well.. so .. that´s not really a Nine Inch Nails symbol. At least for a moment I thaught it´d be one! =)

For all of you, who´re now wondering what it´s all about - it´s all about art! ; ) .. It was an add for So.. all of you, who want to know more - ´ve a look!

And because I´m such a huge Nine Inch Nails fan... I show you a second photo, which I made a few weeks before christmas.
I was christmas-shopping and in a kids-store I saw those miracle-writing-pad and I just had to write it down! =)

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