Monday, January 26, 2009

Alison: Day # 24, Day # 25, Day # 26

Here are the pictures I took on Saturday, Sunday, and also today.

Day 24: Mat inspired me. This is my terrible rendition of something he successfully accomplished a few posts back. It's a delayed shutter release night shot of traffic. I had my tripod, but didn't use it because I didn't have the adaptor clip for the bottom of my camera. So I sat in the car and rested it on the window frame, lined up the shot, then pulled my face away from the camera before pressing the shutter. This way any head movement I inadvertently made wouldn't change the photo.

I really love the way these kinds of pictures turn out . . . when done well. So with that in mind, I'm pretty sure I'll be attempting more of them. Maybe in city scenes.

Day 25: This is Lake Hernando or Hernando Lake. I'm not sure which is the official name; all I know is it's the lake in Hernando.

I didn't do anything special with this. Just got low, close to the water, and snapped the shot. The sky was cloudless and the water was glassy.

I particularly like the roughness of the foreground -- the choppy reeds in the water and the rocky, sludgy edge -- eventually juxtaposed to the glass-like water, fluffy treeline and gradient sky.

Also about this photo, I like the somewhat balanced nature of it. The darkness of the foreground smooths into the light, most distant part of the lake, then there's that fluffy treeline, then the light, almost white sky turns to a rich blue color. My personal opinion. I just said a lot about my own photo. hah.

Day 26: Today was ultra foggy on my way to work. ULTRA foggy. There's a place between home and work that seems to be particularly appealing to the migrating cranes. I'm not sure why, but there's often times a small flock of them in the fields.

This morning I couldn't resist. I not only stopped on my way to work, but I went out of my way to get onto the property (to eliminate the fence between us) with the cranes to take the picture.

So here they are. What do you think?


  1. the cranes are so surreal and with the fog it softens it, almost makes it look like a painting! very nice!
    and i like the night shot with the headlights starting coming towards you at the point where the tailights on the other car start to go away from you... but slow shutters are fun to play with a lot in traffic :-)

  2. THANKS MAT!! I love the cranes too!! The animals more than the picture; they're very majestic and graceful.

  3. the trick is you did not scare them away. GREAT