Friday, January 16, 2009

Mat Ryan: 16 January

It's a glass eye in a velvet pouch :)


  1. is this creepy or cool? i'm torn!!!!

    or, really, i think it's so creepy it's cool. nah mean?

  2. I think the only reason that I have it is because it's creepy, but cool... It's a fun piece of glass.

  3. wow! what a neat photo. Not only because a glass eye isn't really something most people get to see every day, but it does entangle the creepy/cool feelings quite well.

    And from a photographic standpoint, there are textures and subtle lines in the photograph that really work well: the velvet, somewhat amoeba shaped pouch opening, the wood grain traveling away from the eye (the glass one and the viewers!), the coarseness of the twine (?) and the glossy darkness of the drawstring bead on the pouch, and the essential nothingness of the grey-green background all really accentuates both the cranberry color of the pouch and the absurdly popping blue of the eye.

    All in all, nicely done. =]