Monday, January 19, 2009

Alison: Day 16, Day 17, Day 18

Well . . . I took a mini-hiatus not because I didn't want to be here, but because over the weekend, I literally never sat down at a computer. It was a long and exceedingly exhausting weekend -- one I both enjoyed and cursed.

But I did take some pictures, and so, here they are:

Day 16: Kelly's Camp.

This is a hunt/fishing camp about six miles or more from my house in the Ocala National Forest.

I've driven by it literally almost every day of my life. The camp has sort of a down-home American country feel to it that's always appealed to me. And that's just what I aimed to portray.

Day 17: Voluntary Fire Fighters.

In the small, rural area I live in, our emergency fire crews are 100% voluntary. On my way home they were doing an apparent run through of all the sirens and lights.

This is one of the fire engines stationed near my house. My primary goal with this one was to capture the po'dunk, country-ness of the fire station. I ended up more photographing the truck than the station itself, but I think the truck says enough that we don't even need to see the station to understand this is no NYC fire department.

Day 18: Siblings.

This is obviously a snapshot, but I can do no better for yesterday. And actually, this was taken around 2 A.M. yesterday. So this one might kind of be cheating. oh well. It's the best I can do for yesterday.

The people pictured are Susan and Jeff, my sister and brother, myself (allergy-riddled), and Jorge, my brother's best friend and our unofficially adopted brother.

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  1. i'm crazy about the first one, you gave it a certain old look and feel that i have a hard time achieving when i need it, the second one even kind of has the look too...

    ps, your family is cute and crazy! :)