Saturday, January 17, 2009

Dennda: 17th of January

This is my neo zeeland penguin that is searching for a name ! :) I want to make him a travel toy but I didn't found a catchy name yet. :(
He is sitting near my laptop and waits for a good name.


  1. He's so CUTE!!!!!!!!!! *wants to steal him away* I think of Penguin I think of the name Scamper ^_^

  2. ha.. so you´re also a member of toyvoyagers, yes!?! ; ) ..

    mmh.. a catchy-name for a pinguin!? .. mmh.. Fred *g* ..

  3. No, I am not a member of toyvoyagers. I just want to make him a blog and take it with me in my trips and photograph him in front of touristic objectives. :)

  4. Plucky comes to mind for some reason; I don't know why, but I like that name.

    I guess when you wrote Neo Zeeland, that's what Americans know as New Zealand?

    I think it's neat to see how you write it when you're from Romania.