Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Mat Ryan: Jan 28

It was a snowday here as well! Anyways, sorry for the lack of a post yesterday, my car got hit by a deer and didn't do much damage to anything other than my mood... I'll make up for it tomorrow.
So I took this picture on a bridge, it's crooked, I know, and I want to straighten it but my computer isn't moving fast. Anyways, the Honda shop I work at is to the right, the airport is where all the blue lights are, and I like the ghostly feature of the tractor trailer that's driving by. This would have been a really cool shot if there were more cars, but, as you can tell by the road, it wasn't that great to drive on.

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  1. Again, great job working with the long exposures! Is that the airport in Leb? While on a visit to NH, I think I've watched the planes take off from there.