Friday, January 23, 2009

23rd January 2009

Christian in front of the "Belvedere" in Vienna. He loves to pose - as you can see! ; )
The Belvedere´s a famouse castle in Vienna and there´s a lot of interesting history arround it. If you´re interested into it - here.


  1. Oh I can see his personality is a great one! Always the character! Love the castle! Can I live there? =P

  2. yeah.. he´s kinda a nice guy ; ) ... but.. pssss.. don´t tell him that I said that! ; ) ..
    And.. I don´t think you could live there.. it´s now a museum.. but ages ago it was one of those castles, where they went to hunt and celebrate parties .. ; ) ..

    yes - it´s frozen! I´ve to go there again when it´s warmer.. than you can see the castle also in the water - looks amazing! =)