Thursday, January 22, 2009

Lily Rose Day 21: Signs & Day 22: Guys on Campus

Day 22: Guys On Campus
Jason and I both had today off, so we went to UF's campus and tried to get some inspiration. We walked around for a little while and found ourselves in the "Plaza of the Americas", taking pictures of various buildings and whatnot. Well, in this shot, I was trying to catch the guy on the skateboard, that's actually halfway out of the shot, and ended up with half of him, half of Jason and some other guy in the background. So it's a nice triangle sample of guys that can be found on and around campus...not too shabby!

Day 21: Signs
I took this shot on my way to pick up Jason. It's the corner of 34th St and 16th Ave, but I was able to get the pedestrian crossing sign in the picture too. I really like the colors in this picture; I felt that they were all pretty vivid and crisp.


  1. Ah yes... my oreo shake from BYB! I miss it already! :P

  2. Wow, the blue of that sky looks quite surreal!