Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Lily Rose Day 15, 16, 17, 18 & 19: Playing Catch-Up

Day 19: Sunset Over Gainesville
I was waiting on a friend to come out of the store and really liked the colors of the sky, so I snapped this shot. I know it's not very inventive, but I hope you enjoy it.

Day 18: Self-Portrait
This is me driving in my car, but don't worry I'm stopped at a red light. I just liked the shine on my hair and for whatever reason, I look incredibly focused, which I doubt I was since I was at a red light and more than likely listening to some Catch-22!

Day 17: Stairway To Heaven
These are the kitchen steps at my parents' house. I have taken a spill on these more times than I care to acknowledge, especially since they've been tiled. However, I think the tile gives them personality and I love the lattice on the side. My mom and dad do some amazing work around the house!

Day 16: The Music Man
This guy plays guitar and sings at dialysis every other Friday. He's pretty good, but I, and pretty much every one else there, wishes he wouldn't use the microphone. He should just play acapella; we're in a relatively small space and the mic just makes it too loud, especially at 8 in the morning!

Day 15: "I Like Them Pig's Feet"
I took this picture in the Publix meat section. I just thought it was awesome that you could actually purchase pig's feet in the grocery store! Yes, I know that people eat them; No, I am not one of them, but still....I've never actually seen them packaged in a store!


  1. this is my favorite set of photos you've taken! good eye, lady.

  2. I agree with Laura. Also, good to see you photographing different "scenes" -- you know, spreading your wings photographically.

  3. I'm glad he at least knows how to play the guitar and sing well, but I would think that he would know how to evaluate the acoustics of his 'stage' and such. :P