Friday, January 23, 2009

Jason: Day 7, Day 8

Day 7
This photo was taken after Susan (aka: Lily Rose) picked me up to go hang out and take some photos. My vision is not so perfect and I was not aware of the stick that was somehow stuck to this vehicle. She pointed it out and I was able to take the photo using the maximum zoom. We also went to walk around UF campus, but my camera was warning that the battery was running low on power moments after arriving on campus. I got a few shots, but this one really takes the cake for the day!

Day 8: "Don't Fall"
I was forced to get off work early today because of some issues concerning overtime, so I decided to take a trip up to the 11th floor before making my way home. I thought that a photo of the stairwell looking down would be a neat photo, but I found an even better one with this. This photo was taken on the 11th floor stairwell platform, stretching the camera out over the edge and looking down. There's a metal guard there so people don't fall, but leaving that out of the picture makes it seem otherwise. Thinking about it now, it would've had a bigger effect if I had put my feet closer to the edge and made them part of the shot.


  1. LOVE "Don't Fall."

    I agree having the tips of your shoes in the shot would have put it all into perspective a little bit, but we don't need the shoes to realize how high you are!

    Being a freak about them myself, I hope you put the wrist strap over your hand before you hung your camera off the 11th floor!

  2. Yeah, I definitely utilized the wrist strap before attempting this shot. :)