Wednesday, January 28, 2009

PLEASE READ (& reply) Non Photo Update

First of all, thank you to everyone who's worked more diligently on putting labels on their entries. It's making things much, much easier. As I've said one hundred times (and I'm sure you're all tired of hearing it), having your name as a label is most important, as that is the only way the quick search feature will retrieve your entries.

Secondly, WOW. That's all I can say. We currently have 15 actively contributing members on the site. And I feel so privileged to be getting to know each and every one of you. Some of you, I look at your photos and feel as though I'm getting a glimpse into your lives. It's moving. And it's opening my eyes to what else may be in this world. More than even I thought possible, I'm enjoying getting to see the world through the lenses of my fellow photogs. I'm so proud of everyone who's keeping up with the project. We're almost a month in now!

I have a couple quandaries that I'd really love your feed back on.

1. It's been brought to my attention the issue with there not being a notification email sent when someone comments on your photos. Initially I didn't think there was a way around this, as Blogger only gives the option to have up to ten email addresses notified (and you'd be notified of ALL comments, not just ones left on your photos). My question is, would it be beneficial to any of you if I sent out notification emails? It wouldn't take much work on my part. I already get the notices, all that would be required would be me forwarding them on to the appropriate photographer. If you'd like this feature, I'll gladly do it, as we should all be in open communication with one another. Just make sure I have your best contact email on file.

2. How would any/all of you feel about theming weeks? I know some photogs have a difficult time finding something to photograph, while others have photography in their lives every day. The themes could be things like 'edibles,' or 'nostalgia,' or 'travel,' or 'emotion,' or 'weather. . . ' you get my point. And they would be optional -- purely as a source of possible inspiration for those of us who get brain farts from time to time. Would any of you find this useful? We could start the theme weeks February 1st.

Those are my only quandaries. Please let me know what you think so that I can expedite the updates as quickly as possible!

And the last thing I want to say is that if this is something you're proud of, please, please pass the word along. Show your families, friends, co-workers, whoever. Share it. I like the idea of people tuning in to see what we have all accomplished for the day. We welcome everyone.

Once again, I'm very proud of everyone and love all the work I've seen so far. Please keep it up and keep encouraging one another. It's warming to see each of you leaving comments and showing enthusiasm and friendship to the photographers -- who are probably people you don't even know.



  1. I personally don't mind checking my photos for comments, it gives me a chance to look at everyone's photos.

    As for themes, I love that idea! If other people are up to it, maybe you could tell us what the theme is the beginning of each week? I think that could be really cool for ideas.

  2. 1) I checked that site daily.. so.. I also check for comments on my photos ; ) .. You don´t ´ve to send me an e-mail about it.. it´s so much more fun for me! =)

    2) well.. mmh.. acutally I don´t know.. I´m really bad at making photos about special themes.. I like to "shoot out of the blue" ; ) .. I never know why I end up or what´ll be in front of my lense and I like it that way..
    but.. if you start - I try to join it... =)

    I´m really happy that I can be a part of your 365 photography project! =)

  3. 1) I like going back and searching for comments. More fun for me.
    2) I like the idea of themes! I'm not sure about every week but like, once a month, something like that. Right now inspiration is hard, or it could be motivation. My motivation has been lacking recently. But I do like themes, it could be fun to see everyones perspective on one idea.

  4. I have to admit i need to be better at remembering to lable my post.

    The themes i think are a good ideal for those of us that have brain freezes.

    keep up the good work

  5. I'm inclined to agree with the masses on both issues. I check the site pretty regularly anyway, so coming to view everyone else's photos gives me the opportunity to view my comments. As far as the theme issue goes, I'm all for it! I agree with Mat; it would be very cool to see the different perspectives on one subject and they could be pretty vague themes, like the ones you mentioned. Great job Alison!

  6. A/ no problem for comments, don't worry! we're not so lazy, hehehe

    B/ themes are a good idea... I'll try to do my best to post photos but I need 72hrs in a day to do it daily (too much work these days... and now I'm a housewife too, hahaha) so I think I'll post 1 photo each week...

  7. "ditto" to the "masses" lol :)
    I'm taking my camera out to document all the wonderful weather we're having here in Orlando (I LOVE when it rains and is cool/breezy.. maybe I should move to Washington/Oregon..) But I don't usually get so lucky with themes so it would be nice to have ballpark suggestions to go off. Plus we're all so different, and it would be nice to see everyone's different perspectives. I like :)