Monday, January 19, 2009

Sarah-Jo: seven photos.

The Puzzle

My little attempt to combine art and recycling- took old piece from a puzzle thats been missing piece for years and descided to try and work them into an art form. They are being glued to a canvas that I have painted black *shrugs*

Took this early one morning at the college while waiting for my boss to get there to let me in- yes I actually got there before she did LOL
It struck me as kinda neat- there are 4 different materials in this one shot- Brick, stone, Cement, and grass ^_^ cool eh?

Crystal Clear

I am really happy with how this turned out- Brilliant blue sky, the sun was at the perfect angle, and the glass just shines!

Beauty of a Flower

Close up of a Hibiscus flower- I have always loved these flowers!

On the Wall

Simple shot but I like the contrast between the red brick and the white of the lamp

Ok these next two were taken On Sunday and yesterday
There is a special story behind them-
My church is very special to me. I have gone here since I was 4 years old. Over 15 years ago, our church burned to the ground when an arson went through the South and set fire to like 20 churches. I stood there and watched it burn. Afterwards we rebuilt this church building . We have a bell- that now sits in a small brick archway to the side of the sanctuary. The bricks in the archeway include bricks from our old building we managed to salvage, new ones that are in the new sanctuary as well as a few that were donated by members for the rebuilding process. So yeah just a little look into that part of my life ^_^

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  1. hey! that's a really neat idea for an old puzzle, i might have to try that sometime. i also love the first church photo with the bell, awesome composition.